Migrating to the cloud comes with new security risks. Do you have full visibility into your multicloud security posture? Can you defend against advanced threats across hybrid environments? What about least-privilege controls for identities and workloads? 

Securing a multicloud estate requires an integrated approach. Microsoft provides a robust set of cloud-native security capabilities that work together to protect your hybrid infrastructure. But fully leveraging these technologies requires cloud security training. 

That’s where training providers like LearnQuest come in. Their Microsoft cloud security courses equip your team with the skills needed to implement a robust cloud security strategy.

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  • Key steps to improve multicloud security posture 
  • Strategies to defend against modern cloud threats 
  • How to right-size permissions across Azure, AWS, and GCP 
  • Approaches to embedding security into cloud-native Development 

You’ll also learn how LearnQuest’s Microsoft cloud security training can provide your team with the expertise needed to maximize Microsoft security technologies. 

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