This seminar will explore performance testing, efficiency and reliability highlighting its critical role in ensuring software applications. We will examine how performance testing under varying workloads helps applications meet the desired speed, responsiveness, and stability criteria. We’ll also discuss its role in identifying potential bottlenecks, managing resource usage, contributing to system optimization, and enhancing the user experience.

The webinar will demonstrate using OpenText LoadRunner how to meet your performance testing needs. The demo will go through the performance testing lifecycle, starting with planning, script creation, load test execution, analysis, and reporting. The hands-on demonstration with LoadRunner will illustrate the technical nuances of performance testing and emphasize the importance of planning and reporting.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of performance testing’s, a vital role in software development and the practical skills required to implement it effectively.


  • Software testers and developers who want to understand the importance of performance testing.
  • IT Project Managers seeking an understanding of performance testing lifecycle to better manage their software projects.


1 hour

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