Understanding Various Networking & Communication Models


dateJuly 10, 2023time11:00 am – 12:00 pm (EST)

Networking and communication form the backbone of the modern internet. They enable the exchange of information, creating a globally connected society. Understanding these concepts has never been more important. Now, isn’t that something you’d want to be a part of? We got you covered in our webinar!

Simply put, Networking & Communication refers to the process of interconnected devices exchanging information. This interaction can be local, wide-area, or mobile. You’re experiencing it right now as you read this article on your device!

For businesses, effective networking and communication are crucial to survive and thrive. It’s the backbone that supports data transfer, decision-making, collaborations, and much more. Can you imagine your company’s functioning without emails or video conferences?

Deployment models can be thought of as ‘ways’ to set up your network. Different models cater to unique needs. Curious to know which one suits your requirements?

OSI or Open Systems Interconnection model is like a rulebook that dictates how data should be transferred over a network. It’s like the GPS that guides your data to its destination!

OSI model comprises seven layers, each having a specific role. Imagine it like a production assembly line where each worker (layer) has a distinct job. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Each layer of the OSI model is important as it carries out specific functions to ensure smooth data transmission. These layers work in harmony, just like the organs in our body, each playing its unique part!

TCP/IP, short for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, is another rulebook that governs how data is sent and received over the Internet. It’s like the conductor of an orchestra, ensuring every instrument (data packet) hits the right note (reaches the correct destination)!

TCP/IP Model consists of fewer layers compared to OSI, but it’s no less efficient. It’s like a smaller team delivering the same powerful performance!

Just as with the OSI, each layer in the TCP/IP model has its unique role, ensuring your data travels safely from your device to its destination, and vice versa. Intrigued to know how this journey takes place? Our webinar will take you on this exciting voyage!


Participants should be comfortable with basic IT concepts.


45 minutes


  • What is Networking & Communication?
  • Various deployment models of Networking & Communication
  • Define the OSI Reference Model
  • Define TCP/IP Reference Model

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