Less than a year ago, many of us were consumers of AI without knowing it. Today, we are trying to determine whether AI is going to replace humans in the workplace. What happened? OpenAI released ChatGPT which was soon followed by other generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) models from Google, Meta, and other big tech companies. If you are still attempting to understand what generative AI is, and what knowledge and skills you are going to need, then join us for this interactive webinar.

In this session, we will discuss the fundamentals of generative AI, how it is being used to augment human tasks today, and its expected future use. We will also explain what makes a good prompt to elicit the best response from tools like ChatGPT, and deliberate ethical challenges for this rapidly growing technology. We look forward to demystifying generative AI and start you down the path to using it to improve your own work.

Course Duration

1 hour

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