A New Dawn in Cloud Infrastructure: OpenStack

Welcome to the future of progressive cloud technology – OpenStack. Expertly navigating the intricate landscape of the digital world, OpenStack heralds a new era of cloud computing, empowering businesses to scale, adapt, and prosper in our rapidly evolving global landscape. With our cutting-edge open-source platform, you’re granted full control over your private and public cloud environments, directly addressing your organization’s unique needs.

OpenStack: An Ecosystem, Not Just Technology

OpenStack is more than mere technology; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem built on the principles of flexibility, collaboration, and transparency. Our platform delivers a robust, scalable, and secure foundation for your business to grow and innovate. OpenStack is an all-inclusive solution, providing everything from computing and storage to networking and an array of tools and resources. Designed with interoperability at its core, it supports a broad variety of both enterprise and open-source technologies.

Empowerment through a Community of Innovators

Step into a vibrant community of experts who share a commitment to innovation and excellence. With OpenStack, you’re in control of your IT infrastructure and poised to reach your strategic objectives. We at LearnQuest facilitate the creation of an environment where technology acts as a springboard for your success, ensuring that the future of your business is always within your grasp.

In this webinar we will practice using OpenStack as our cloud computing platform. This webinar is a high-level overview that includes the following LearnQuest and Mirantis courses.


  • Project Managers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Development Managers
  • Business Stakeholders
  • beginning Cloud operations personnel
  • System/network administrators
  • Technical IT Professionals
  • Deployment engineers
  • Cloud administrators
  • Cloud operations


1 hour

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