Step into the cutting-edge world of technology where innovation takes center stage. One such extraordinary innovation is Docker – a pathbreaking technology that leverages containerization. The ability to grasp and utilize this powerful tool is vital in today’s tech landscape.

Docker: The Future of Application Deployment

Docker is a game-changing, open-source platform that employs OS-level virtualization to deliver software in units known as containers. The innovative Docker containerization enables you to package an application, together with all its associated configuration files, libraries, and dependencies, facilitating efficient operation across diverse computing ecosystems.

Docker containers are reshaping our approach to software development and deployment. They provide uniformity across various stages of development, testing, and deployment, effectively addressing the infamous dilemma, “it works on my machine”. This uniqueness cements Docker’s position as an indispensable resource for every IT professional and technology enthusiast.

Maximize Docker’s Potential with Our Free Webinar

Seize this golden chance to experience Docker’s prowess with our forthcoming free webinar. The emphasis is on the three cornerstones of effective Docker utilization – security, performance, and best practices.

Our webinar transcends the typical lecture format. Instead, it’s a comprehensive walkthrough providing a high-level synopsis of the distinguished Mirantis/LearnQuest course CN100 – Docker Containerization Essentials.

Navigating Docker Security and Performance

Plunge into Docker security and performance’s universe. Learn to safeguard your Docker containers and enhance their performance, thereby ensuring their seamless operation.

Our webinar transcends mere knowledge acquisition. It’s about gaining the wisdom to use Docker effectively. Learn about Docker containerization’s best practices and how to steer clear of common mistakes.


General technical audiences & IT professionals


1 hour

Sebastian Colomar

Senior Technology Consultant

Sebastian Colomar has built a rich career as a Senior Consultant and Instructor, bringing over 20 years of experience in design, development, consulting, troubleshooting, and management in enterprise Linux systems design. His broad skill set underscores his substantial contributions in these various fields.

Sebastian’s particular expertise lies in his significant architectural leadership skills. He has shown proficiency in handling cutting-edge technologies, including Red Hat OpenShift, OpenStack, Docker, and Kubernetes, as well as mastering Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and pipeline management. Furthermore, his adeptness extends to creating and deploying hybrid cloud solutions in both local and AWS environments. With his advanced knowledge, Sebastian can conduct detailed examinations of aspects such as Identity and Access Management, Networking, and storage needs.

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