Digital Operations: Harness Kubernetes

Gain a competitive edge in the digital realm through efficient containerized application management. Join our upcoming webinar to delve into Kubernetes, acquiring invaluable insights and proficiency for navigating the complexities of container orchestration.

Kubernetes: Streamline Application Management

Kubernetes is an open-source platform that manages container deployment, scaling, and operation. Its versatile framework supports the smooth running and scaling of applications across multiple nodes, offering functionalities such as load balancing, self-repair, and hassle-free updates. By leveraging Kubernetes, businesses can attain unmatched efficiency and scalability in their application deployment processes.

Mastering App Development: Leader Lessons

Join our insightful discussion led by industry specialists from LearnQuest and Mirantis, focusing on the core aspects of Kubernetes application development. Learn how Kubernetes enables you to build basic, scalable, and highly available applications. Master the art of container orchestration with agility, ensuring continuous operations and sustained performance. This webinar is a high-level overview from the following LearnQuest and Mirantis course: CN120 – Kubernetes Application Essentials.


Architect basic applications for Kubernetes


1 hour

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