This webinar will demonstrate the concept of a Robot and show what UiPath features can do for anyone eager to learn about RPA. We will see at a glance how UiPath can work with Excel, Outlook, Desktop applications, or Web applications. Explore the drag-and-drop features and how easy it is to install the application without creating a separate environment.


  • Individual employees consume and run robots daily, hourly to make their work lives better.
  • Business managers and everyday professionals turning into UiPath.
  • Students who are eager to come into RPA and want to see its features.


1 hour


  • Input Activities and Input Methods
  • Project Layout
  • Selectors
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Structured Data and Extraction Handling Excel, PDF and Email UI
  • Synchronization Activities Utilizing External Code Orchestrator
  • Robotic Enterprise Framework

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