Did you know that 95% of ATM transactions rely on COBOL programming and mainframe technology? This statistic might come as a surprise, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the silent giants upon which our digital world is built.

In today’s tech scene, where new trends come and go, the enduring importance of COBOL and mainframes might not grab headlines, but their role is fundamental. These technologies form the bedrock of our digital infrastructure, quietly powering everything from banking to air travel. This webinar is your invitation to explore the hidden world of COBOL and mainframes. It’s perfect for professionals seeking to deepen their tech knowledge, individuals curious about behind-the-scenes operations of modern services, or anyone interested in discovering lucrative and unique career paths.

Spend an hour with us as we journey through the history, ongoing relevance, and surprising vitality of these technologies in the digital age. Learn why COBOL and mainframes are not merely surviving but thriving, offering vast opportunities for those willing to engage with this understated area of technology.

Step away from the chase for the latest tech fad and uncover a realm where expertise in foundational technologies opens doors to exceptional career possibilities, stability, and the chance to excel in a niche that is eagerly seeking skilled professionals.


  • Unveiling the Past
    • Exploring the history of computers and the evolution of COBOL
    • Understanding why COBOL remains relevant today
  • The Enduring Legacy of Mainframe
    • Dissecting mainframe systems: What are they, their history, how do they operate, and what are their pros and cons?
  • Empowering the Future
    • Analyzing the role of COBOL and mainframes in modern enterprises
  • Career Opportunities
    • Identifying opportunities for Gen Z professionals in a market seeking COBOL expertise.
    • Overview of courses offered by LearnQuest for career growth, including COBOL boot camps and programming courses.
  • Q&A Session


  • Professionals with little to no prior knowledge of COBOL or mainframes who are curious about these technologies.
  • Business users who interact with mainframe systems and want to understand them better.
  • IT professionals interested in expanding their skillset or considering a career in mainframe development.
  • Computer Science Grad with a strong foundation in computer science principles. They might be curious about career paths beyond the usual web development or mobile app development roles.
  • Young Professionals (Gen Z) with some computer science knowledge (maybe from boot camps or self-learning) or even those with a general interest in technology.


1 hour

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