This webinar will show you how to containerize a web application from scratch. We’ll take a sample web application written in PHP and deploy it inside a Docker container, will use a Dockerfile to create a custom Docker image and show how to use the command line and docker-compose to deploy the container. Finally, we will orchestrate the deployment on a production-grade container platform using Docker Swarm.


Developers and System Engineers


  • Sample web application (traditional deployment vs containerized deployment)
  • Docker containers fundamentals (Linux namespaces and control groups)
  • Docker images (Dockerfiles and custom container filesystems)
  • Docker volumes (how to inject data inside a container)
  • Docker networks (how to publish a container service)
  • Docker compose (how to deploy an application on a standalone Docker server)
  • Docker Swarm (how to deploy an application on a production-grade container platform)

Sebastian Colomar

Senior Consultant and Instructor

Sebastian is a Senior Consultant and Instructor with 20+ years of design, development, consulting, troubleshooting, and management experience in enterprise Linux systems design. He has significant architectural leadership experience in Red Hat OpenShift, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, and pipeline management. He possesses a deep knowledge in developing and deploying hybrid cloud solutions on-prem and in AWS, performing deep analysis on Identity and Access Management, Networking, and storage requirements.

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