This webinar will show you how to containerize a web application from scratch. We’ll take a sample web application written in PHP and deploy it inside a Docker container, using a step-by-step approach that developers of all levels can follow.

First, we’ll use a Dockerfile to create a custom Docker image capable of running the PHP application. Using docker-compose, we’ll configure and deploy the container either locally or on a cloud server.

Finally, we’ll explore orchestrating large-scale deployment on a production-grade container platform. We’ll use Docker Swarm to manage a cluster of containers running the application and keep them available, scalable and fault tolerant.

Attending this webinar, you’ll gain hands-on experience building, deploying and managing containers. You’ll learn how to package applications in containers, boost portability across environments, and leverage container orchestration for simplified devops. Join us as we dive into containerizing a web app from the ground up.


Developers and System Engineers


  • Sample web application (traditional deployment vs containerized deployment)
  • Docker containers fundamentals (Linux namespaces and control groups)
  • Docker images (Dockerfiles and custom container filesystems)
  • Docker volumes (how to inject data inside a container)
  • Docker networks (how to publish a container service)
  • Docker compose (how to deploy an application on a standalone Docker server)
  • Docker Swarm (how to deploy an application on a production-grade container platform)

Sebastian Colomar

Senior Consultant and Instructor

Sebastian is a Senior Consultant and Instructor with 20+ years of design, development, consulting, troubleshooting, and management experience in enterprise Linux systems design. He has significant architectural leadership experience in Red Hat OpenShift, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, and pipeline management. He possesses a deep knowledge in developing and deploying hybrid cloud solutions on-prem and in AWS, performing deep analysis on Identity and Access Management, Networking, and storage requirements.

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