This webinar will focus on Blockchain Development Smart Contracts and applications. Topics to include Blockchain application development, DeFi, NFTs, and other tokens.


Blockchain Developers and those interested in Blockchain Development. Also, those interested in Crypto, Defi, NFTs, etc.

Course Duration

30 minutes

Course Topics

  • Blockchain Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain Developer tools.
  • DeFi: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Fungible Tokens and Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain Application development for DeFi and more: Ethereum ; NEAR ; Hedera Hashgraph

Jim Sullivan

Trainer and Consultant

Jim is an Information Technology (IT) professional with key technical/ development, software engineering, Agile methodology, DevOps and implementation skills and experience. For several years he has developed strategic plans to advance LearnQuest clients business goals for their IT initiatives. His solutions have included product-based solution architectures and professional services that have spanned the software engineering lifecycle for physical, virtual, and Cloud environments.

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