Harness the power of your data! In our data-driven world, a strategic data roadmap can either propel your organization to new heights or leave it adrift. Ensure you’re navigating the digital seas with precision – this webinar is your guiding star!

Explore the mysteries of data strategy with our experts. Learn to manage your data assets, leverage the potential of AWS’s secure and scalable environment, and turn information silos into engines of innovation.

Our industry specialists will impart valuable insights, tools, and best practices to transform your data from mere storage to strategic asset. Ready to journey through the fascinating universe of data?

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  • Data architects, data scientists, and data analysts new to the AWS Cloud
  • Solutions architects
  • Database administrators


1.5 Hours


  1. Business value of a modern data strategy
  2. Challenges
  3. Use cases
  4. Traditional vs. cloud
  5. Modern data strategy on AWS
  6. Relational databases
  7. Purpose-built databases
  8. Data lakes with Amazon S3
  9. Lake house approach on AWS
  10. Purpose-built data services
  11. Breaking down data silos
  12. Unified governance
  13. Machine learning (ML) services
  14. Artificial intelligence (AI) services
  15. Data stores, data lakes, and BI tools with built-in ML
  16. Resources to continue learning

This webinar is a key component of the AWS Discovery Day series. AWS Discovery Days are free online events designed to introduce AWS cloud concepts and foundational infrastructure services. These events are particularly relevant for customers who have recently signed up with AWS or for those who simply want to grasp the basics of the AWS Cloud platform.

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