Are you looking to automate IT operations across your enterprise? Look no further than the Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform – the perfect starting point for enterprise-wide automation.

With the Ansible Automation Platform, your teams can manage IT automation from the hybrid cloud to the edge. Development, operations, security, or network teams can easily create, share, and manage automation workflows within an enterprise framework.

Not familiar with the Ansible Automation Platform? No problem! We will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to Ansible concepts and a technical overview, enabling you to learn the basics of the platform quickly.

Make IT automation easier and more efficient for your enterprise with the Ansible Automation Platform.

This webinar is a part of the our Red Hat Webinar Series. This series offers a comprehensive introduction to key Red Hat topics such as Training & Certification, Ansible, Kubernetes, and DevOps. Each session is led by industry experts and includes interactive Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding. Whether you’re a beginner in open-source or an experienced professional, this series is designed to equip you with practical skills for real-world application. Join us to boost your career and enhance your organization’s efficiency with Red Hat solutions.

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