Join our Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS) webinar for insider tips on advanced networking techniques to maximize resource efficiency and simplify scaled container workload management.

This webinar will delve into the intricacies of configuring Amazon Elastic Container Service. We’ll provide a comprehensive understanding of the networking options available in ECS, examining their functionality and any limitations when running multiple containers within an EC2 Instance.

But we won’t stop there. We’ll also explore cutting-edge solutions like ENI Trunking that can optimize container management in this environment. You’ll gain deeper insight into implementing ENI Trunking and understand how it can help you overcome the limitations of running multiple containers. Our discussion will emphasize the importance of these advanced solutions in the current market and how they can enhance your productivity while saving time and resources.


We recommend that the audience have basic knowledge of Docker containers, container images, and container orchestration services.


1 hour


Part 1

  • The evolution of application development and deployment from bare metal to VMs and containers
  • Define Docker container and Docker container image
  • Storage for Docker Images (Amazon Container Registry – ECR)
  • AWS cloud-native container orchestration service (Amazon Elastic Container Service – ECS)ECS launch types
  • Components and configuration options of ECS

Part 2

  • Task networking on Amazon EC2None, host, default, bridge, awsvpc
  • Limitation of awsvpc network mode and the solution
  • A short demo on how to create an ECS service with EC2 launch type and increase task density with ENI Trunking
  • Things to consider when using ENI Trunking

Amanuel Hadera

AWS Authorized Instructor

Amanuel is an IT professional with a bachelor’s degree in physics and over ten years of experience in the field. For the past two years, he has dedicated himself to expanding his knowledge of cloud technology, earning certifications as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Certified Advanced Networking Specialty.

As an AWS Authorized Instructor, Amanuel is passionate about sharing his expertise with students worldwide. He covers various AWS services, including compute, storage, networking, IAM, security, and more. Through his delivery of AWS Architecting courses, he consistently receives high ratings and praise from his students for his ability to impart knowledge effectively.

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