LearnQuest Named Global Training Provider for Dell Boomi


LearnQuest has been appointed as a Global Training Provider for Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business branch of Dell and the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business. With this prestigious designation, LearnQuest will lead the delivery of Boomi-authorized training throughout Asia Pacific, India, Europe, and North America.

LearnQuest will focus primarily on Developer training, guiding students along the Associate or Professional Developer pathways. For those who want to take their education to the next level, LearnQuest will also facilitate the Boomi certification process, making investing in your career easier by adding this innovative cloud platform to your skillset.

According to Dimitri Schneiberg, Managing Director of LearnQuest, “Technology moves at an alarming rate, and we are thrilled to partner with companies like Boomi to ensure that our customers—our students—don’t get left behind. Boomi is truly revolutionizing the landscape of cloud integration services, and we look forward to contributing to that effort by delivering the quality education our customers have come to expect.”

Eric Crist, Global Practice Manager for Education Services at Dell Boomi, also weighed in: “Adoption of the Boomi platform is growing rapidly around the globe, and we are excited to work with LearnQuest to ensure our clients have highly qualified individuals on staff. A key benefit of our platform is the ease of use. Our training should be just as accessible, and LearnQuest helps us make it so.”