Global Cloud Education Revolution: LearnQuest and AWS Join Forces in India


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As a beacon in the field of IT and business skills education, LearnQuest perpetually seeks to redefine the contours of knowledge across the globe. In a noteworthy stride forward, we take immense pleasure in announcing the intensification of our successful alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS). By extending our AWS Training Partnership (ATP) to India, we are building on our profound legacy in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Czech Republic. This strategic move not only enhances our global presence but also firmly underscores our unyielding commitment to dispense top-tier cloud education.

The transformative prowess of cloud technology forms a critical facet of the contemporary digital panorama. With the enrichment of our ATP, we aspire to nurture a novel cohort of cloud maestros by offering exhaustive insight into AWS services and solutions. Our pool of expert instructors ensures learners gain a holistic understanding of cloud paradigms and achieve practical mastery of AWS tools and services.

Dimitri Schneiberg, the Managing Director at LearnQuest, elucidates the implications of this expansion: “Integrating India into our sphere of influence dovetails seamlessly with our ambition of disseminating cloud competence on a global scale. We recognize the transformative capacity of cloud technologies and pledge to empower professionals with the acumen required to tap into this capacity. As we join hands with AWS, we eagerly anticipate cultivating a generation of cloud specialists who will fuel innovation in our rapidly digitalizing global society.”

In partnership with AWS, an international pioneer in cloud services, we furnish a broad-based curriculum that encapsulates everything from AWS fundamentals to advanced aspects. This curriculum encompasses modules ranging from AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials to Advanced Architecting on AWS. These courses are designed to cater to learners at different proficiency levels in cloud technologies and provide direct access to the groundbreaking tools proffered by AWS.

With the expansion of our ATP, we are positioned to revolutionize the landscape of cloud education in India whilst fortifying our services in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Czech Republic. This growth is built upon the success of our existing partnerships and mirrors our dedication to sculpting the future of cloud computing on a global scale.

We invite you to delve into our AWS-authorized training offerings available in our course catalog on our website. For additional assistance or particular inquiries about these courses in India, our devoted team can assist you at

The AWS and LearnQuest Partnership’s Global Reach

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a globally celebrated subsidiary of Amazon, has disrupted traditional business methodologies with its diverse suite of cloud services. AWS’s broad array of over 200 services has paved the path for amplified scalability, agility, and innovation across a multitude of industries, encompassing data storage, analytics, AI, and machine learning. In harmony with AWS, LearnQuest is extending the reach of this technological revolution with our mission to equip professionals with the necessary technological skills. As an AWS Training Partner, we play a vital role in the international IT education ecosystem, instilling learners with comprehensive knowledge of AWS services and cloud technologies. This thrilling collaboration amplifies our global pledge to redefine IT and business skills education, marking a significant landmark in LearnQuest’s voyage. Together with AWS, we are envisaging a future where every professional is armed with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the rapidly advancing digital landscape.

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