EPI Appoints LearnQuest to Provide EPI Data Center Training in North America


EPI, the world’s leading data center course provider, has appointed LearnQuest as its Authorized Training Partner for the North American region. LearnQuest will offer EPI’s globally accredited series of certification-based data center courses on design/build, governance/operations, and standards/compliance.

According to Dimitri Schneiberg, Managing Director of LearnQuest, “LearnQuest is excited to partner with EPI to drive demand in Data Center training in North America as EPI’s sole reseller in the region. EPI is a leading provider of data center training, and we see this synergistic partnership as a great opportunity to increase their presence where LearnQuest has been developing strong customer relationships for over 20 years.”

According to Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO for the EPI Group of Companies, “EPI’s global leadership position in the certified data centre training industry is due to our competence based course portfolio, impartial accreditation and examination and our commitment to quality combined with excellent customer service. We train thousands of data centre professionals each year including many from the leading data centre service providers and Fortune 500 companies who have made EPI their preferred data center course provider. Teaming up with LearnQuest will allow us to serve our customers even better due to their local presence throughout North America. We are very pleased to work with a well-respected partner such as LearnQuest. Over the years, LearnQuest has won multiple training excellence awards from multiple organisations including IBM confirming their leading position. Having two leaders combining their strength will further reinforce our leading positions in our industry.”

About EPI

EPI is a European-origin, global data center specialist company operating worldwide in over 60 countries through direct operations and a large partner network. EPI offers an extensive range of data center expert services, including data center auditing, certification, and certified training.

Established in 1987, EPI’s reputation has been built on delivering high-quality technical expertise with a continuous drive for excellence and innovation. EPI has released many world’s first, including the Data Center Competence Framework® (DCCF), the Data Centre Career Planning Tool (DCPT®), the Data Center Training Framework, the IT Management Training Framework, and the first complete Data Center Operations Standard (DCOS®).

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