Building a Cybersecurity Culture: LearnQuest Launches Comprehensive New Training


Building a Cybersecurity Culture

Cyber threats are increasing in frequency, sophistication, and impact, with organizations of all sizes at risk of security breaches that can lead to devastating financial, operational, and reputational consequences. Technical solutions alone are no longer enough to protect against modern cyber attacks fully. Fostering an organization-wide culture of cybersecurity is essential for building true resilience.

That’s why LearnQuest, the leading global provider of premier IT and professional skills training, has launched a new course, Culture of Cybersecurity, for only $59! This intensive 1-day course equips learners with the essential knowledge, strategies, and practical skills to transform their organization’s approach to cybersecurity through cultural change.

By attending this comprehensive course, IT professionals, managers, security leaders, and staff at all levels will gain the ability to:

  • Evaluate and implement cybersecurity culture best practices based on industry standards and guidance from governing bodies.
  • Establish a strong foundation through executive commitment, effective policies, and a clear cybersecurity vision and communication plan.
  • Significantly increase employee awareness and engagement on cybersecurity through tailored training programs and multi-channel communications.
  • Lead by example with continuous learning, modeling security-focused behaviors, and mentoring that reinforces the culture at all levels.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility across IT, management, and employees. This course empowers learners to foster a workplace culture where cybersecurity is valued, actively promoted, and embedded into everyday behaviors and processes.

With cyber threats growing in frequency, sophistication, and potential impact, a proactive focus on a human-centered, organization-wide cybersecurity culture is crucial. LearnQuest’s Culture of Cybersecurity equips security leaders, IT professionals, managers, and staff at all levels with the strategic mindset, practical knowledge, and skills to drive impactful cultural change.

Strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity resilience. Transform outdated approaches and improve security behaviors across all levels.

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