Why You Need Kubernetes Training in 2024


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Kubernetes is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for running and deploying cloud native applications. For developers, Kubernetes enables you to be more productive with rapid development and scaling.  Sounds good, right? The challenge is that Kubernetes can be a complex beast and there is a steep learning curve, one that can lead to frustration and slow you down. Even if you know some of the Kubernetes basics, the complexity requires continuous learning in order to be successful.

Consider these numbers:

  • 57% of cloud developers say a top challenge of using Kubernetes is its steep learning curve
  • The industry has seen a 455% year-over-year increase in demand for Kubernetes certification
  • 46% of hiring managers are looking for cloud and container skill sets

Elevate your Kubernetes skills

You can gain the confidence to navigate the complexity of Kubernetes by learning from LearnQuest’s Authorized Mirantis Training experts. As the industry leaders in container technology, Mirantis provides access to real-world content that leverages their extensive experience delivering cloud technologies in production at scale.

If you are looking to be a platform-agnostic Kubernetes guru, we’ve got you covered! We put you at the center of everything we do.  Based on feedback from developers, operators and DevOps professionals  like yourself, we know that you learn best by doing, so we include our interactive, hands-on lab environment in all our learning experiences.  The integration of our real-world labs is unique, it’s not a simulated environment. You will use real commands that build on a cloud project, built on a real infrastructure, providing you with a dynamic experience.

Why train with LearnQuest’s Authorized Mirantis Training?

Mirantis training embraces fun and interactive learning through gamification. Our innovative on-demand platform utilizes advanced learning technologies for an engaging experience. 

Our Kubernetes Bootcamps are Kubernetes distribution agnostic, so you can leverage what you learn during this training in any environment. 

What’s more, we know you are busy!  We offer a variety of ways to learn that fits your schedule:

  • Private Training
  • Public Classes
  • On-Demand
  • Training Subscription

After completing any of their classes or bootcamps, you will earn a Mirantis badge to show off your Kubernetes expertise. While they don’t give away superhero capes, it might feel like you have superhero capabilities when you are done training with LearnQuest’s Authorized Mirantis Training.

We’re proud to get comments like this one, from a DevOps Engineer at a major Investment Management Organization:

“CN 252 is an excellent course for the advanced application developer who wants to learn containerized application development.”

Ready to earn your Mirantis badge?

Browse our catalog to check out our extensive course catalog and chart your learning path.

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Maroquine Aziz holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Laurier and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Toronto. Her passion for innovation and thirst for knowledge have led her through a multi-disciplinary career path spanning various industries, including education, environmental, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, and research. As a visionary transformational leader, Maroquine brings over 15 years of strategic leadership experience acting as a methodology expert and facilitator supporting new product and service initiatives in the fields of Technology and Operations. Coaching and mentoring teams have been instrumental to achieving goals; her specialty is her ability to continuously engage and raise the bar to drive excellence across organizations. A changemaker at heart, she constantly strives to solve complex business challenges and achieve success.

This is a revised version of an article published in the Mirantis Blog.