Unleash the Power of IBM Netezza in the Cloud


Unleash the Power of IBM Netezza in the Cloud

For data scientists, analytics teams, and organizations seeking deeper data insights, the IBM Netezza Performance Server on Cloud represents a major breakthrough. Now, you can finally harness the full processing power of Netezza in a flexible, globally accessible cloud environment. Say goodbye to restrictive on-premises infrastructure constraints and unlock game-changing value from your data.

The Ingenious Secret Behind Netezza’s Lightning Speed

Netezza appliances have long dominated analytics databases, boasting up to 10x faster performance than competitors. But what exactly gives Netezza its almost unbelievable speed advantages?

It comes down to two brilliantly engineered innovations:

  • Custom Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) – These programmable silicon chips handle essential database functions like filtering, aggregating, and joining data at the hardware level. This massively parallel processing happens before data ever even reaches the slower CPU. FPGAs give Netezza an advantage orders of magnitude faster than software-based databases.
  • Shared-nothing distributed node architecture – Netezza deploys multiple independent nodes, each with its own CPUs, FPGAs, and disks. These nodes simultaneously process queries in parallel against chunks of localized data. Adding more nodes linearly increases performance by minimizing network traffic.

This combination of software sophistication and hardware acceleration allows Netezza to power through terabytes of data with ease. Legacy disk-based databases simply can’t compete.

The Power of Netezza Unleashed in the Cloud

Migrating Netezza to a fully managed cloud service like IBM Netezza Performance Server on Cloud unlocks major new benefits:

  • Flexible scaling – Storage and compute capacity can be dialed up or down on demand via API calls. This enables perfect matching of capacity to dynamic workloads. No more overprovisioning.
  • Global deployment – Netezza nodes can now be deployed anywhere worldwide, nearer to data sources and business users. This significantly reduces network latency for global organizations.
  • Enterprise reliability – Get mission-critical availability with redundant nodes, automatic failover, robust disaster recovery, and more.
  • Consumption pricing – Pay only for cloud resources used, with hourly billing eliminating wasted spend. A much lower TCO than appliance ownership.
  • Hands-off management – No more database administration. IBM experts handle all infrastructure, patching, upgrades, and more.

Accelerating Data Science and AI Innovation

For forward-thinking data science teams, Netezza on Cloud removes major roadblocks:

  • Query terabytes of data in seconds rather than hours, accelerating model development.
  • Experiment and iterate faster with instant and limitless scaling of data warehouse capacity.
  • Access data globally without complex ETL and data movement.
  • Innovate aggressively without worrying about budget limitations.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read real user reviews on Gartner Peer Insights to see how Netezza on Cloud enables analytics at previously impossible speeds.

Gain Netezza Skills with LearnQuest

As an IBM Global Training Provider, LearnQuest offers authorized Netezza training to help professionals master skills. Courses include:

With LearnQuest’s in-depth Netezza training, you can fully leverage Netezza for your cloud analytics initiatives.

IBM Netezza Training and Certification Courses

Case Study: Building a Big Data Service with Netezza

case study from Volvo highlights how Netezza enabled the creation of an integrated big data analytics platform across multiple data sources:

  • Volvo Group Telematics aimed to build an analytics service by integrating data from across Volvo’s systems.
  • IBM Netezza was used as the proof-of-concept platform to aggregate and analyze the diverse data sets.
  • Netezza allowed investigating of what insights could be gained from Volvo’s combined data assets.
  • The IBM Netezza appliance provided the foundation for the prototype big data service.
  • With Netezza, Volvo could establish what data was available and who could benefit from new integrated analytics.

The case study demonstrates Netezza’s effectiveness at large-scale data integration, aggregation, and analytics – key capabilities for big data initiatives.