Revolutionizing Cloud Learning: How AWS Training and Certification Transformed Cisco’s Workforce 


Staying ahead of the competition requires a skilled and knowledgeable workforce in today’s fast-paced cloud environment. However, equipping employees with the necessary cloud skills can be a significant challenge for global, hybrid, and distributed teams.  

That’s where AWS Training and Certification comes in. By partnering with industry leaders like Cisco, AWS has revolutionized the learning experience for organizations worldwide. Cisco, a global leader in networking solutions, found that AWS Training and Certification’s agile training approach was the perfect solution to its workforce’s diverse needs.  

With employees and partners scattered across the globe and varying levels of expertise, Cisco needed a flexible and scalable training program to drive business growth and innovation. AWS Skill Builder for teams provided on-demand learning resources tailored to each employee’s specific needs, regardless of location or experience level.  

The results were remarkable. By 2022, over 1,600 Cisco employees had obtained AWS Certifications, with thousands more benefitting from AWS Training. The scalability of AWS Skill Builder allowed Cisco to efficiently scale its training programs across its vast workforce, empowering individuals to learn at their own pace and adapt to evolving cloud technologies seamlessly.  

Rona Spiegel, Director of Cloud Governance and Operations at Cisco, highlights the transformative impact of investing in cloud education. By fostering a learning culture, Cisco has boosted morale and motivation and enhanced its ability to innovate and solve complex challenges with agility and confidence.  

AWS Skill Builder Can Transform Your Business 

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