A Comprehensive Guide to Cybersecurity Workforce Management for the Department of Defense – DoD 8140, DoDM 8140, and DoD 8570 Explained


A Comprehensive Guide to Cybersecurity Workforce Management for the Department of Defense

The Department of Defense (DoD) has established strict policies, directives, and manuals to manage its cybersecurity workforce. This guide will explain what DoD 8140, DoDM 8140, and DoD 8570 are, who must comply, the cybersecurity work roles defined, and how EC-Council certifications help meet training requirements.

What is DoD 8140 and DoDM 8140?

  • DoD Directive 8140 works with DoD Manual 8140 and DoD Instruction 8140 to provide the overarching policy, requirements, classification, and qualifications for the DoD cyber workforce. 
  • These documents were established in response to the growth of cyber threats and the increasing need for skilled cybersecurity professionals to protect national security systems.
  • Together they:
    • Establish the mandate for required qualifications across DoD
    • Identify specific cybersecurity work roles
    • Outline the tasks, knowledge, and skills required for each role
    • Set training standards and certification requirements for each role
  • DoDM 8140 applies to all DoD components, including the military departments, Joint Chiefs of Staff, combatant commands, defense agencies, contractors, and more.

Who is affected by DoD 8140?

DoDM 8140 covers over 30 cybersecurity work roles. The mandate applies to:

  • All military service members in identified cyber roles
  • DoD civilian employees in cyber roles
  • Contractors fulfilling cyber duties
  • Foreign nationals in applicable positions

What is the DoD Cyber Workforce Framework?

  • The DoD Cyber Workforce Framework (DCWF) establishes the specific work roles and responsibilities for DoD cyber personnel. 
  • It classifies work into technical, investigative, oversight, managerial, and strategic planning roles with associated tasks, knowledge, and skills for each.
  • DoDM 8140 maps appropriate certifications to these work roles. Certifications validate the qualifications and competencies of personnel.

EC-Council Certifications Aligned to DoD 8140 Work Roles

EC-Council holds 31 DoD-approved certifications aligned to cyber work roles, including:

Technical Roles

Investigative Roles

Oversight Roles

Managerial Roles

Strategic Planning Roles

What is DoD 8570?

  • DoD 8570 has been replaced by DoD 8140. 
  • It previously outlined cyber workforce training standards with certifications mapped to specialty areas vs. specific roles.
  • Its structure of Information Assurance Technical (IAT), IAM, and IASAE levels is still relevant.
  • EC-Council certifications are approved for IAT, IAM, and IASAE baseline certifications.

EC-Council Training with LearnQuest

As an EC-Council Accredited Training Center (ATC), LearnQuest offers extensive cybersecurity and IT training aligned to DoD 8140 requirements. LearnQuest’s catalog covers hundreds of courses for organizations, government agencies, and cybersecurity professionals seeking compliance.

With over 20 years of experience training military and DoD personnel, EC-Council certifications develop the hands-on cyber skills and critical thinking abilities needed to meet evolving threats. Rigorous programs like C|EH and C|CISO validate the deep expertise mandated by DoD directives.