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As the digital world becomes more sophisticated, cyber threats are becoming an increasing concern for all businesses, regardless of their size or industry. Startling statistics suggest that cyber attacks occur globally every 39 seconds, and 85% of data breaches originate from phishing or social engineering tactics. Even small and medium-sized businesses are not immune to these threats, with 43% of all breaches hitting companies of these sizes. The average cost of a single breach has now exceeded $4 million, making it a significant financial burden for small and medium-sized businesses.

Despite these alarming statistics, many organizations still believe that cybersecurity is solely the responsibility of their IT team. However, every employee can play a crucial role in preventing and defending against cyber threats. Simple mistakes such as clicking on malicious links or failing to update software can expose sensitive data, leading to data breaches and costly damages.

To mitigate these risks, it is essential to establish a company-wide “cyber safety culture” with training for every employee. This involves conducting annual cybersecurity awareness training, testing staff knowledge before and after the training, quickly addressing any knowledge gaps, and making the training an ongoing program rather than a one-time event.

Implementing awareness training can reduce security incidents by up to 70% and even qualify for lower cyber insurance premiums. Therefore, it is crucial to embrace smart “cyber hygiene” practices such as questioning unexpected emails before clicking on anything suspicious. With criminals launching thousands of attacks daily, company-wide vigilance offers the best frontline defense against cyber threats.

CertNexus CyberSAFE Builds a Culture of Security

CertNexus offers a comprehensive training and certification program called CyberSAFE that helps companies enhance their cybersecurity readiness. The program aims to establish a culture of cyber safety and security within the organization by providing employees with the necessary tools and knowledge to identify potential risks associated with conventional, mobile, and cloud technologies.

Apart from identifying the risks, the program also educates employees on how to safeguard their devices, data, and organization from cyber threats. It empowers them to navigate the online world safely while maintaining the highest level of security.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is imperative to stay up-to-date with the latest risks and security measures. CyberSAFE emphasizes continuous education and review to keep awareness sharp and employees informed about the latest threats.

Regulatory Compliance and CyberSAFE

As the digital era advances, data has become a critical asset for businesses. Consequently, governments and regulatory bodies worldwide have implemented strict laws and regulations to protect the privacy and security of sensitive information. Organizations have now become obligated to adhere to these standards, as non-compliance can result in severe penalties and legal consequences.

CertNexus CyberSAFE training is a proactive approach to cybersecurity and a means to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. The training program specifically addresses compliance requirements, educating employees on the nuances of data protection laws and the necessary security measures to stay in accordance with them.

By undergoing CyberSAFE training through LearnQuest, organizations can seamlessly integrate regulatory compliance into their cybersecurity strategy. This not only mitigates legal risks and potential financial penalties associated with non-compliance but also positions the organization as one committed to maintaining a secure environment and protecting sensitive information.

Moreover, LearnQuest’s expertise ensures that the training content is continuously updated to align with any changes in regulations. Thus, organizations stay ahead of compliance requirements. This emphasizes that CyberSAFE, offered by LearnQuest, is not just about immediate security concerns but is also a long-term investment in maintaining legal and ethical cybersecurity practices.

It’s crucial for companies, regardless of their size, to prioritize cybersecurity in today’s world. Businesses can benefit from the training offered by LearnQuest to avoid becoming victims of cybercrime. If you don’t want to delay, reach out to LearnQuest today to discover how their experts can help you prepare your organization by delivering CertNexus’ CyberSAFE program.

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