How C|PENT Transformed Careers: Success Stories of Cyber Security Professionals – Björn Voitel


Björn Voitel is an accomplished Cyber Security Consultant and External Data Protection officer with multiple firms. Along with many other coveted Cyber Security certifications, he successfully passed EC-Council’s Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT) Certification Exam.

He shares his thoughts and advice about the CPENT Certification curriculum, challenging sections, and real-world Cyber Range practical aspects. We hope his views help the CPENT aspirants to be better prepared.

EC-Council’s Certified Penetration Tester (CPENT) program teaches you how to perform an effective penetration test in an enterprise network environment that must be attacked, exploited, evaded, and defended. If you have only been working in flat networks, CPENT’s live practice range will teach you to take your skills to the next level by teaching you how to pen test IoT systems, OT systems, how to write your own exploits, build your own tools, conduct advanced binaries exploitation, double pivot to access hidden networks, and also customize scripts/exploits to get into the innermost segments of the network.

Björn Voitel, Cyber Security Consultant and External Data Protection officer

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